Bread is the basic food and many people buy and eat it daily. In the past, one of the healthiest food nowadays contains different additives to make it puffy, tastier, and cheaper.  Unfortunately, people with low income buy only cheap bread.

In January we were blessed to open a small artisanal bakery. Our main goal has been to bake healthy bread for all of our beneficiaries. We researched, experienced, and baked different sourdough bread recipes. The bread that we came up with is unique and is made only of flour, salt, and water; slow-fermented and full of benefits for all ages.

At the moment we bake enough bread for the children, teenagers, and elderly who are beneficiaries of the projects in Tintareni. Children and the elderly eat the bread at lunch. Some children take bread at home after they are done with the activities at the center. They usually say: “My mother will be very happy tonight.” or “Don’t play with this bread. This is the bread of God.” Another child called it “the bread of life”.

The bakery is another step in achieving our primary goal of improving the life of Bethania’s beneficiaries through quality services.  We want to offer children and elderly access to healthy food and develop healthy eating patterns. For this purpose we include a variety of food and vegetables in our menus and respect the requirements of the Public Health Department. 

As for the bakery, our goal is to obtain all necessary documents that will allow us to bake enough bread for the beneficiaries as well as to sell the bread and use the income for our social projects. We pray and ask for God’s guidance and wisdom in this area, that this good work would continue and develop.