We bring hope where there is none

Motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, we strive to bring love and care for people in need throughout Moldova restoring their hope and bringing lasting changes in their lives.   

Children and Youth

Children and Youth Projects’ mission is to enrich the lives of the children from socially vulnerable families, through various educational, recreational, and spiritual services, based upon Biblical principles, with the aim of avoiding the institutionalization of the children and dropping out of school. We seek to improve the positive, emotional, moral, social, intellectual, and physical growth of the children and teenagers at risk from our community. Parents can also receive psychological support.

Elderly and People with Special Needs

Elderly are one of the most vulnerable group of people helpless in front of poverty, discrimination and marginalization.  At Bethania we seek to make a difference in the elders’ lives by providing quality day services in a supportive, comfortable, and secure environment maintaining their independence and social interaction. We aim to improve the quality of the elders’ lives without changing their living place. 


Foster Care

Bethania is involved in supporting the alternative child care services. We work with institutions as well as with alternative family care services. Through our projects we aim to prevent and minimize the possibility of a child to get into human trafficking by providing family care opportunities to at-risk children.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (+373)-265 33430 or Contact Us to get involved

Join our team

Join our team by volunteering! During our activity, we collaborated with volunteers both from the country and from abroad. Some volunteers got involved for a few weeks, others for a few years. Our projects offer various possibilities for involvement. You will learn to help others, you will become more responsible, more patient, more altruistic. You will gain new communication and teamwork skills.

Making a Difference in Moldova Since 1998

Children in Day Care

Elderly Supported

Children Placed in Families

Our Beliefs

We believe in God the Creator that loves the entire humanity.


Our Mission

Bethania’s mission is to manifest the love of God through efficient actions to fulfill the needs of disadvantaged people. 

Our Vision

Bethania’s vision is that all share the love of God to disadvantaged people through a holistic approach. 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

 Contact us to find out how you can help and we will  be in touch shortly to let you know how you can get involved in Bethania. 

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