The construction of the new center in Bulboaca started in the autumn of 2019. After much prayer, we embraced this idea with fear and faith. With the finances that we had in autumn, we managed to build the foundation and the walls of the first floor.

At the moment, 30 children of 6 to 13 years old from Bulboaca are benefiting from the support at the center. They are helped to do the homework, are involved in different educational and recreational activities, and receive healthy nutrition. During the Covid-19 lockdown, they received food bags, clothing, school supplies, and medications, according to their needs.  All the children are from socially and/or economically vulnerable families.

Although the demand is bigger, the old buildings that we use at the moment don’t have enough space for the activities. The rooms are very small and don’t allow to meet the required one square meter per child. Besides that, we urgently need a kitchen that would fit the requirements of the Public Health Department. Daily, the kitchen cooks lunches for 30 children from the center and 20 elderly from the village. Before the pandemics, 40 elderly benefitted daily from a free healthy lunch, support with personal hygiene, social activities, etc.

The new building will mean a qualitative change to how we are able to care for the neediest in Bulboaca.  It provides so much-needed space for the children, gives us the possibility to cook food, feed, and support more elderly and impoverished people. Our hope is that it creates a safe and comfortable place for support for many children, young people and adults from Bulboaca.

At the moment, we are looking for ways to cover financially the full cost of construction. We entrusted our plans in the hands of God and we are convinced that He will carry the work until completion.