At Bethania we support elderly to leave a healthy life style. It is estimated that almost 70 percent of Moldovan elderly have health problems. Inapropriate food, financial problems, isolation, lack of geriatric care in the country are some of the reasons that made Moldovan elders to become the poorest group in the EU with a life expectancy comparable to that in the EU at the begining of 19900

We focus on offering elders the possibility to maintain and improve their whole well-being through different activities. Daily, our beneficiaries interact into art therapy, socializing games, ocupational therapy and sport activities adjusted to their age and health. Today it was the exersice time. We enourage people to get involved as much as they can. The blind people and the paralized (we have two people with hemiplegia) participate alongside with the others.  Improving thier mobility, balance and coordination boosts their mood too.

“Before coming here, I was depressed. I felt alone, forgotten by my children and friends. Since coming to this center, I have blossomed. Life became interesting and beautiful. I feel younger and surrounded by lovely people.”  Nina, 73 years old