This summer we hold two 10-day camps for a total of 100 children of 8 to 11 years old and one six-day camp for 75 teenagers of 12 to 14 years old. The campers are children and teenagers from Tintareni village, or children who come to spend their vacation with their grandparents in Tintareni. 

The morning call to gymnastics signaled the start of the day and was followed by the breakfast. Afterwards, the campers moved the main session of the day during which they learned daily about such characteristics as love, compassion, self-control, patience, kindness, etc. Then the children joined their leaders for the group discussions where they strengthened the information received, as well as they could express their own opinion concerning the topic of the day.  After lunch, the children had up to two hours of nap. Those who didn’t want to sleep could rest in bed and read a book. The afternoon activities included handcrafting and outdoor games and competitions. After all the activities, a snack was provided to all campers. Our full day campers’ day ended at 5:00 pm, while the staff and volunteers were kept busy to prepare the following day  until 6:00 pm.  

What made different this camp from the camps of the previous years was that all of our volunteers were former beneficiaries of Bethania’s projects. When asked what was the most difficult thing, they all said the responsibility a leader had for the entrusted children. It was a blessing to serve alongside with these young men and women who wanted to learn more deeply what means to care for children. 

The children, as well as the parents expressed their impressions at the end of each camp. Two siblings who live with their parents abroad and came to visit their grandparents where so excited that they could attend the same camp that their mother used to go to while she was a child. Other parents said that when they asked their children what they wanted to do during the summer vacation, they said that our camp was a priority.  

Thank you to everyone who made these camps possible!