Since 2010, Bethania has provided firewood for disabled, elderly and poor families in Moldova who can not afford to buy wood otherwise. The monthly pension is insufficient and few can afford to buy enough wood for the winter. The wood is offered free of charge by volunteers who donate finances specially for this purpose. 

Aunt Vera is over 80 years old. For the last 38 years she has been caring for her disabled son, Vitalii. Alone. She has no other family members to help her. Although she is old and weak, she is fighting the difficulties of the life every step of the way. 

Tudor is in his late 40s. He lost his sight several years ago. He is divorced and as a result of his unhealthy lifestyle in the past, his children don’t communicate with him.  He lives in a rented house and his only income is the monthly disability pension which doesn’t cover even the minimum basic expenses. The wood that he received through us, saved him from freezing. 

John is a third grade student and comes from a large family that faces severe economic problems. His mother recently gave birth to their fourth child. The baby faces serious health problems and she has been in hospital for more than a month. They can barely afford to buy food. To heat the house, the children were looking daily for dried branches. 

Maria is a mother of two disabled children. Most of the family finances are spent on medications and food. It was almost impossible to save money for wood for this winter. Since the girls are bedridden, it is very important to keep the home warm during the winter. 

These are just some of the people who benefited from firewood for this winter through Bethania. All of them are full of joy and gratitude. We are happy that there are many people who are not indifferent to the needs of those around us. Special words of thanks to the unique group of woodcutters, a Dutch group of volunteers who used to come during the last years with the purpose of cutting wood for needy people. Although this year they were not able to travel due to Covid-19 pandemics, they did not forget the poor, but met their need by donating specially for firewood. Thus, they manifested the love of God to the most disadvantaged people around us by fulfilling their need of having a warm house.