My story with the Christian Community Center started thee years ago. My parents divorced and my mother had to fight hard to keep me with her. My other sister has continued to live with my father.

My mother and I moved to a new place. That’s how we got to Tintareni.  I was enrolled in the local public school where I first heard about this center. Since I was a newcomer to this village I had any friends, no relatives and I felt very alone. I was very pleased to find out about the possibility to attend the center. We were a group of 12 children. The social teacher was very nice. She organized various activities every day, but most important was that she helped us with the homework.  My mother was coming home late and tired since she worked hard to support us. The social teacher was kind to explain the subjects that we had difficulties with, she gave us additional tasks to practice more. This helped me to accommodate quickly in school.

Besides homework we were involved in interactive and sport games. We also made a lot of handcrafts and learned cooking. I learned to make gifts for my mother, I baked cookies, learned how to properly serve the meal, how to arrange the food on the plate, etc. This gave me a lot of good impressions and I am very glad that I was able to experience everything at home afterwards. Another interesting activity that our social teacher organized for us were the Bible lessons. This was a special time when we could discuss questions that bothered us and ask questions without fear. 

I was very much influenced by my experience at the center and I can find only good words about the people who work there. Although I attended the center for one year only, it was hard for me to say goodbye to the center’s life and especially to my teacher. After I graduated from the fifth grade I started to attend the Teenagers’ Club weekly. Here we gather with peers and have the possibility learn new good things. Also, I  was accepted as a volunteer and for the last two years I help my former teacher with her new group of children. I have now the opportunity to give back what I received when I most needed. 

I am very grateful to everyone who care for children like me and help them to change their vision for a better life. May you be blessed.