The Elderly Care projects, as well as the Child Day Care projects were closed for August, the month when the workers are on their official leave. Both programs reopened on September 9th, 2019 to the delight of their beneficiaries who have missed the place to get togher, as well as the care they receive here.

Although the center was closed, six elderly were able to participate into a four-day conference for widows. All of them came back encouraged and enthousiastic. One elder said that she was surrounded by such a natural beauty that she felt like in heaven.

Four other elderly spent the last four days of August in an elder camp. This was another good venture for them. Our elders have been attending this camp for several years already. “I was very happy to meet some friends that I made at the camp last year”, said one of the participants. “I was a child when I went to a camp for the last time. Since I live alone and the center was closed, I decided to join my friends and go to this camp. I had a very good time here”, told us another participant.

Unfortunately, the majority of our beneficiaries spend August at home, in solitude and isolation. Besides the socialization that they missed a lot, all of them lost weight. “These three weeks seemed like an eternity to me. When my food was over, I had no one to call to. I only had grapes to eat”. “The days when the center was closed seemed so long. We are like a family at the center and I missed so much everyone”.

At present there are 17 elderly attending the center in Tintareni and 9 elderly attending the center in Bulboaca. 52 elderely from Tintareni and Bulboaca are delivered a hot lunch on weekdays.